CigarrO App Update 2017

The public launch of our cigar lifestyle app is getting closer. The beta testing we’ve been conducting is going great, thanks to our awesome community. Making an amazing cigar lifestyle app is no small endeavor.

We are still conducting invite only app testing. Be sure to enter your email on to get an invite to the app BETA. Invites are sent on a first come first serve basis, so thank you for your patience as we invite more and more people.

Here are some screenshots of the activity going on in the CigarrO app BETA

If you have any questions post them in the comments below.



We’d like to give a shout-out to two of our technology partners, because without their amazing software we would be doing beta testing the old fashioned way.

Instabug is an amazing tool that helps us gather feedback from beta testers and have live conversations with our users. Instabug really gets what app testing is all about. A simple shake of your phone and you can report bugs, recommend updates and speak with a live person all within the CigarrO app.

Asana is an amazing tool that we have integrated with Instabug to track all our bugs and fixes needed. Instabug captures the issue and then sends it to Asana where it is assigned to our team to fix the issues. Asana enables our team to smash our bugs fast.

16 replies
  1. CigarPress
    CigarPress says:

    Been in the beta and all I can say is this app is the best cigar app around. There’s a great community of cigar lovers here.

    • CigarrO
      CigarrO says:

      There is a journal feature in the app, but its not like your typical cigar journal, it’s much more. I can’t spill the beans yet though. Enter your email on to get an invite to check it out.

  2. Tyler
    Tyler says:

    I just got my invite the other day and so far I’m loving this app and the people in it. I hope as the app grows the community stays as cool as it is now.

  3. Mika
    Mika says:

    Just got into the beta, and this app is killing it. I just wanted to say thank you to your company and the hard work you have put into this app. I’ve been looking for a good cigar app and have yet to find one until now. Thanks again.


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