CigarrO App Update 1.0

Many of our fellow BOTL & SOTL have been asking when the CigarrO app is coming out and what the heck is CigarrO all about. We want to start answering some of your questions and give you an update on what we are working on.

We will start this update off by answering some of the questions we get asked regularly.


Will the CigarrO app be for the iPhone only?

Nope, from day one of the CigarrO launch we will have fully functioning apps on both the Apple App Store & Google Play.

Will the CigarrO app be free?

Yes, CigarrO will be 100% free with no cost to download the app and no cost to use all the features the app offers.

Will CiagrrO be restricted to the USA only?

Nope, CigarrO will available in almost every country. Certain countries outside of the USA will not be able to do certain things the app offers.

When will you announce what CigarrO is about?

Soon, we will make the official launch announcement for CigarrO and let you know what the app is all about. We haven’t said much yet because we are working on something ground-breaking and we don’t want to spill the beans until everything is ready to go. We have been doing private beta tests, so if you are interested in participating in a beta of the app send an email to

Are you looking for any cigar industry partners?

Yes, we are always on the look out for valuable partners and industry experts that are interested in joining us on our journey. Currently, we don’t have any specific partner needs but if you want to talk with us send an email to

Will the app be available in multiple languages?

No, initially the CigarrO app will be in English only. We do have plans to translate the app into multiple languages. We first want to see what the popular languages are from the active CigarrO users, which will determine what other languages to release first.

We hope this answers some of the things you wanted to know about the CigarrO app. If you have any other questions please post them in the comments below.

What has CigarrO been up to…

Creating an enterprise, high quality mobile app is alot of fun and tons of hard-work. We’ve been spending 12 hours a day, 7 days a week developing our mobile application and preparing for the launch of CigarrO.

We are aiming for perfection from the start and because of this desire to provide a high quality experience we are not rushing anything to get our app to market. The most important thing to us is to create a mobile app experience for you that seamlessly enhances your cigar lifestyle. In order to accomplish this we continue to push the barriers of technology and deepen our vast knowledge of what the “Cigar Lifestyle” is all about.

Thank you for sticking around and following us on our social media channels. Once CigarrO is officially launched we hope you will be blown away with what we are going to do for your cigar lifestyle. If you haven’t already, be sure to enter your email on the website to get notified when we launch the app. Don’t forget to follow CigarrO on  Facebook – Twitter and on Instagram.

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    TJ CHASE says:

    Would love to be added to any beta testing. Always looking for a good way to keep up on cigars and cigar info.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of the S/BOTL

    TJ Chase


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