2016 CigarrO App Announcement

We are excited to announce that the launch of our cigar lifestyle app is around the corner. We have been testing our app with a limited audience, and soon, we will begin inviting more people to start using the CigarrO App.

If you want to start using CiagrrO enter your email on CigarrO.biz.

First off, we would like to take this time to thank our followers, supporters and partners across the world. We couldn’t make this happen with out you…

Up until now, we have not released any public information about what the CigarrO App will be.

We are excited to announce that CigarrO will be the worlds first social commerce mobile application in the cigar industry.

The CigarrO App will be a socially driven community, focused around the cigar lifestyle with various social networking capabilities merged with mobile commerce. The idea behind CigarrO is to bring new technology to the cigar lifestyle and enhance how cigar lovers socialize, discover and buy cigars on the mobile platform.

Additionally, CigarrO will offer cigar brands and cigar related businesses a new way to reach their target audience, if you’re interested in finding out more, send an email to aaron@cigarro.biz.

We are not quite ready to release specific details about the app, but we encourage you to ask your questions in the comments below and we will answer them.

If you want to get into the app early enter your email on CigarrO.biz and kick back, light up a nice stick and get ready to be blown away by CigarrO.

10 replies
    TIM MCCABE says:

    Great things take time Aaron. I look forward to continuing to promote as I have seen the early phase of the app. Good luck guys.

    CIGARGUY says:

    This looks awesome!!! I’ve been following you on Instagram and waiting for the app to come out. Can I get an invite to the app?

  3. JAMES T.
    JAMES T. says:

    I’ve been lucky enough to be in the early testing of this app and it is by far the best cigar app on the market. I can’t wait for this thing to launch so I can use it with all my friends.

    Keep up the good work Cigarro.

    • CigarrO
      CigarrO says:

      Thanks James, we appreciate your kind words and participation in the app beta. Its people like you that help make this possible.

    JOE CARNEY says:

    Followed back on the Instagram, and am very interested in app.. Would be cool to have a feature to track cigars we’ve tried.. Have a gallery or something! Looking forward to be part of the apps growth! Keep up the great work

    • CigarrO
      CigarrO says:

      Thank you for the follow on Instagram. We will get you an invite to the app asap. Make sure you enter your email on cigarro.biz.


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